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Sustainability at Wink

At Wink we are always working on ways to be sustainable and environmentally friendly. Being a hair salon we are aware of the footprint we are leaving on the planet and we have taken several steps towards doing our bit, these include -

LED lights, eco heads on our basins to use less water, eco head colour mixers to enable less product waste, recycling waste, recycled paper retail bags, microfibre towels which need less drying time, Dyson driers which dry hair gently but quicker.

We are also a Kevin Murphy Salon, with 'going green' being one of Kevin Murphy's key values; their ingredients our gentle and the majority of products are manufactured at a facility that recycles all of their water, is powered by solar power, and has a carbon footprint of zero.

Kevin Murphy's square packaging is another green thinking approach as it uses up to 40% less resin than standard round packaging and takes less shipping space.

We will always continue to strive towards a salon which not only provides healthy, happy hair, but also one which is sustainable and forward thinking.

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